Posted in May 2012

America’s Heroes

Most of us celebrated a three day weekend. It wasn’t a national cookout weekend. It wasn’t just a time to party. This was a time to give a toast to remember those who have paid the ultimate price for our country and our freedom. This was a time to give thanks for our troops’ service. … Continue reading


So…I’ve given myself another face lift. I’ll probably be playing with the looks of my blog until I find something I really love. Kind of like what I used to do with guys. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Let me know what you think!

Hills and Bridges

After two full rest days after the half, I went for a nice and easy 3.75 mile run on Wednesday. My calves were super tights and sore so I rubbed them while I reminded myself why I need to invest in a foam roller. The rest of the day really wasn’t very interesting… Went to … Continue reading

I Ran Like A Diva.

Like always. Because I’m faaaaabulous! Duh. So…let’s recap…you know…because I’m a professional and all. The expo lasted two days, but since the race was in Myrtle Beach I only had a 2 hour drive, so we went up the day before. The expo was held at a very easily accessible location. Although it wasn’t necessarily … Continue reading

Phew! Its done.

I ran the Run Like a Diva half marathon today. My time was 2:04:23. Not officially though, because I had to stop to pee at one point! I’m really proud of myself. I pulled it off with not having a LR in about a month and after not having run AT ALL in 8 days. … Continue reading

In 24 hours…

I will be home, cleaned up, and sore! I will have run my second half marathon. I know for some this distance is not a big deal and to others it’s seems unreachable and/or crazy. I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning. Sort of. Here on the southern east coast, we’ve been “blessed” with unpredictable weather, … Continue reading

T-Minus 2.5 Days

I am two and a half days away from the half for which I have been oh-so-diligently not been training. Oy. Usually I am a stickler for details. I want to plan everything out. I have not done that for this trip. I’m not even entirely sure where the hotel is. I know its 20 … Continue reading

What’s My Problem?!

I know I’ve been pretty nonexistent from your life. I feel like I’ve been semi nonexistent in mine, also. I don’t know what my problem is. Lies. I know what part of my problem is. I feel like I’m in a lull in my life-long marriage to working out. I have been SO slack in … Continue reading