I Did It! Glass Half Full.

I didn’t do it. Glass half empty.

I have not run in six days. Six. Oy, I feel like crap. It’s a vicious cycle. I don’t work out, I feel like crap. I feel like crap, I don’t work out.

Yeah, I know, working out will make me feel better. I tell myself that now and at 4:00 this afternoon, but try telling me that at 5:00 in the morning after 6 1/2 hours of sleep. I tend to play mind games with myself. I look at the clock to see what time it is when I go to sleep…10:30. SO when I wake up at 5:00 I tell myself that I need more sleep because I will be too tired to function at work if I get up now. I could wake up at 5:30 (with 7 hours of sleep) and I would be fine. But I don’t do that. I reset my alarm for 6:15. Fail.

Because I haven’t run in six days I am worried about my long run tomorrow. I am supposed to run 11 miles. I did 10 miles last Saturday but haven’t run since. Maybe I’ll cut down to 9 miles… I’m kind of freaking out now because my half is in less than a month and I’m having this major lack-of-running meltdown. Oh jeebus. I’m not going to make it. I figure that I’m going to disregard the rest of my training plan (hahaha, like I really followed it from the beginning…) and just do what I have to do. As long as I can run 12 miles two weeks before the half, I’ll be fine. Hell, I guess even if I can run 10 miles, I’ll be fine – I can get by on adrenaline for the last 3.1. It’s not like I’m going for a PR.I’ve only run one half anyway.

Have a wonderful weekend and if you’re training for something, hopefully you’re having much more success with your endeavor than I am. πŸ™‚

“Cheers to the freakin’ weekend.” – Rihanna


4 thoughts on “I Did It! Glass Half Full.

  1. you have PLENTY of time to get ready for your half! i would reference my “training plan” every now and again, but had my downfalls like you are going through now. i only ran 10 miles once before my half and managed to run the last 5k no sweat–hell, after 10 miles, 5K is NBD! (no big deal) all it takes is one good distance run to get your motivation back. keep your spirits up! you’ll get there!

  2. You will totally be fine for the half! Even if your longest run is 10 miles, you can do it. Some training plans only call for 10 miles as the longest run. Your body may need some rest and this is its way of telling you. Don’t sweat it, run what you can tomorrow, and you’ll be fine. I’m the same way as you with the alarm, btw. I have the best intentions but “Sleep Jen” has other ideas and re-sets the alarm to a (much) later time.

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