Apologies. Apologies.

I feel as if I say “I’m sorry” too much. I mean it 97% of the times I say it. I say it at work, I say it to my friends, I say it to myself, and I say it to my dog.

Its not that I don’t want to apologize. Its just that I want to feel as if I don’t have to say it as often. How do I fix this? I stop screwing up! I stop doing things for which I have to apologize.

At work, I apologize because I didn’t get to something ASAP. Sometimes I apologize because I put something off until the last minute or I forgot to send an email.

To my friends, I say it because something they had planned went wrong or they had a bad day. Obviously I have no control over that, but I feel badly for them, so I apologize. I guess maybe because I can’t necessarily fix it.

I say it to myself because I’m not as diligent about working out and getting things done as I wish I was. I put things off and then apologize because I ran out of time to get things done.

I apologize to my dog because I want to take her for much longer walks at all times of the day.

Here’s what I propose: I stop messing up. I stop apologizing for everything that I can’t control.

How do I do that?

At work, I get things done within a reasonable time. I respond to things and stop procrastinating.

To my friends, I try to say something comforting and/or do something nice for them.

To myself, I need to be a better manager with my time and be more in control of my schedule. I need to take care of my body (i.e. eating right and working out).

To my dog, I just love her more! That will make us both happy.

After all, how could you be upset when looking at this sweet face?!



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