If I Had a Million Dollars…

Last week recap:
Weekly/Annual: 17.50/287.00
Running: 17.50/264.25
Bicycle: 0.00/22.75

Well, now we both know I don’t ride a bicycle very often…

Last week I did something that I only kept thinking about. I doubled up. Last Wednesday I ran twice. I woke up in at o’dark thirty and went for a nice 5.5 mile run then took my dog for another 2 mile run after work. If you want to pick up the pace and go for a short fast run, let me know. I’ll let you borrow my dog. My dog set the pace for me: 8:15/mile. (Yeah, that’s fast for me. Don’t judge.) Although I’m not sure if she didn’t try to kill us both because I think it took her about an hour for her to cool down and really catch her breath.

I was lazy on Thursday and Friday. Saturday I did my 10 mile training run. Honestly, I am really surprised at myself. What can I say, I’m spontaneous. I did 10 miles and kept an average of a 9:30 pace; it’s 30 seconds faster than my last half training period. Because I had only run twice this past week, and about that many times for the past couple of weeks before, my legs were pretty sore when I woke up Sunday morning so I just had a chill day.

Definitely going to get back on track this week since, you know, I’ve been more lazy than not the past couple weeks…

Does mo’ money = mo’ problems?

Sometimes I wish I could find out the hard way; but we have to be careful what we wish for. It’s a double-edged sword. Sometimes I think life would be easier if I had more money – not as much worrying about bills and other things that require monetary means. BUT…IF I had a lot more money, would I make more financial issues by spending too much? Or would I be smart and just pay off what I need to now and then just live as I need to with the occasional indulgence? I guess the only thing I can do is daydream about it. Or rob a bank. But then I’d definitely have some problems…and that’s not how I roll.


2 thoughts on “If I Had a Million Dollars…

  1. I hear you re: money. I’d just like the chance to find out! My husband got a significant raise this year, we finally paid off our car, and we refinanced our house, so we’re trying to be responsible and use the extra $ to pay off credit cards, student loans, etc, but this weekend we spent $400 at Lowe’s (new grill and some plants/garden supplies, yay!), and today I found myself researching trips to the Bahamas. I think for the most part we’ll be good but it is tempting to splurge!

    • Congrats to your hubby for the raise! When it comes to large purchases, I believe it’s okay when it comes to something that will be used forever (until it dies). If you go to the Bahamas, let me know, I’d love to join! 😉

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