Trouble on the Horizon

Weekly/Annual: 12.75/269.50
Running: 12.75/246.75
Bicycle: 0.00/22.75

I am having a tough time and have been for a couple of weeks now. I know I have  a race coming up in just over a month. I know I need to get the miles in. I know I need to train. I just cannot bring myself to get it done. I don’t know what my problem is. What happened to my 20+ mile weeks?! At least one day of the weekend is my LR day. Just like last weekend, I did not run at all this weekend. Last weekend I was out of town visiting friends, and this weekend I had friends in town. When I woke up Saturday morning I was so unmotivated to run. Same thing happened for Sunday. It is nobody’s fault but mine.

I get so aggravated with myself because I’m not getting it done. I’m so irritated with myself because I know I can do it. I’ve been running for 5+ years now, so it’s not like this is an on-again-off-again relationship. I might have slacked at times (i.e. NOW), but I know I can run a lot more than this. I did not start keeping a running record until 2010…

March 2010: 122.00
March 2011: 16.40
March 2012: 87.45

Last year was rough in the beginning, and my running suffered, but I want to get back to where I was (if not more-so) in 2010. I ran a total of 1,100+ miles in 2010. I know I’m at a lull right now, but I really hope I can pick it back up because I have really got to get some miles in for training! I know I can. I know I can. I know I can.

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