Bumpah Stickah

Well, although I’m about a two days and and a dollar short I’ll give you a recap of where I stand for mileage after this past week.

Weekly/Annual: 12.40 miles/256.75 miles
Running: 12.40 miles/234.00 miles
Bicycle: 0.00 miles/22.75 miles

Not a lot. I did go out of town this weekend to visit some framly (friends+family, FYI). I brought my running gear with me just in case I mustered up the motivation to leave my framly. I had a great time though, thanks for asking. πŸ™‚

Yesterday I was online looking at “13.1” stickers and I found a few that were really cute!





I searched “All Knowing of Interweb Things: Google” of where to look at these stickers. Amidst my search, there were also forums where people really bashed others who had these stickers on their vehicles. They really had a severe dislike for these people. There were things said such as, “they’re weak, they can only run half the race,” and, “it’s not that hard, anyone can do it.” And one of my personal favorites, “I have no respect for these people, I only respect those who have a 26.2 sticker.” Then there were the people who were non-runners but still sports enthusiasts involved in kayaking, hiking, and the like, who think that any of these stickers on a vehicle means the person is bragging.

First of all, I’m amazed that life is so simple of some of these people that the only thing they have to worry about is the “13.1” sticker on another person’s car. I’m pretty sure there are other things in the world to get more worked up about. Secondly, these people are still running. Personally, it does not matter if a person only runs twice a week, two miles each time or if the person runs 12 miles a day, 7 days a week. Some of these people may be bragging and some people are just really proud, just like people who wear a jersey or shirt depicting their favorite sports team after a win – some are bragging and some are proud of their team, or a combo of both. πŸ˜‰

I understand we all have freedom of speech (thanks to our US troops who help us keep that freedom!), which even makes this more humorous to me BECAUSE the people with the bumpah stickahs have the freedom to put it on their car and the people who are bashing them have the freedom to express their opinion. Ah, the great debates we choose – STICKERS (really?!).

Why does it matter what is on another person’s car? Its not hurting anyone. No one is an “idiot” because they have it and it doesn’t make a person superior, either. It is what it is. I just wish my life was so simple that something as small as a the kind of gum someone is chewing really pissed me off. Sorry, I have other things to fret over.

Have you ever seen these debates? What do you think about the stickers? Do you have one?

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