Motivational Monday

I see myself as an artist. Running is the way I express my talent. I wish I could paint or write music, but running is what I do and I feel great joy from it.
– Joan Nesbit, distance runner, Runner’s World

Joan and I, bffs. At least when it comes to this quote. I do not have any ‘ordinary’ artistic talents. I can draw, as long as stick figures count. If you consider finger painting as painting, then I can paint. I can sing, although people ask me not to do so. I can write, on a sixth grade level (as you can attest). I can also play instruments, but your ears may bleed.

So I may never be a best-selling author, or a musician on tour, or even some great artist with my own gallery, but I can run. That may also not be pretty, but I feel pretty damn good when I do it. It is also something that someone does not need to judge you on for you to be able to be successful at.

Weekly/Annual mileage recap: 30.85 miles/244.35 miles
Running: 18.35 miles/221.60 miles
Bicycle: 12.5 miles/22.75 miles

I love when things happen that really make me smile afterwards. Saturday I was out on my long run. I was coming up on a group of people who were out walking when a couple in the back of the pack turned around to look at something. They did a double take and saw me approaching. I was going to run around the group but instead the guy in the back shouted out to the rest of the people, “hey, off the sidewalk, we’ve got a runner!” When the group parted ways to let me through. The best thing happened: they became my cheerleaders for a fun 15 seconds. As I was running through them, they were cheering me on, “You go, girl! You got this! This is YOUR day!” I need them to follow me everyday!

Hope you all had a fantabulous weekend!


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