Mundane Mandi

Sometimes I think I should rename this blog to Mundane Mandi. I seriously do not lead an exciting life. Unless you consider having an unhealthy obsession with Asian food (sushi, in particular) and running in the mornings as exciting.

I love how about 80.435% of my posts begin with or contain the words, “intend” and “planned,” for example: Yesterday after work I planned to go for a bike ride. It didn’t happen.Β I took my dog for a walk and then I went over to Bruce’s and we went out to eat. What was on the menu? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Squid salad

White River Roll and Qin Wins Roll

We also ordered some Yasai Gyoza. Then it was time for dessert.

Menchie’s Froyo: cake batter + dulce de leche topped with
cheesecake bites and chocolate covered espresso beans

I love my dog. She knows when I’m pooped. Friday after my run I laid down on the floor and was admiring the person who invented the ceiling fan when Welker decided to join me.

On a semi-related topic: Sometimes I feel as if I have these goals that I only have the motivation to reach when I’m not even able to work on them. For instance, I sit at work and think about running for a second time after work, or riding my bicycle a few miles, or going to the gym for a second workout, or doing yoga, or… I think you get my point. However, when the time actually comes when I am off work, I don’t feel like doing any of these things and I talk myself out of it by saying, “well, I worked out this morning. That’s enough.” I do need to be thankful that I have the health I do and am in good working order physically (mental is a whole ‘nother topic). I guess I should just stop thinking about it after work and just do it. I just need to stop watching Bravo and get out there…

Happy Hump Day!


4 thoughts on “Mundane Mandi

  1. Bravo isn’t the same without Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I applaud you for exercising in the morning, all I do is shuffle around like a zombie grunting about coffee!

  2. I do the same thing-talking myself out of a workout after I’ve planned it during work all day–But I haven’t worked out in the mornings–So I’m worse off than you, if that helps! I completely agree about the need to be thankful for what you can physically accomplish. Another thing I tend to forget to do as well πŸ˜‰ Happy running!

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