What I’m Looking Forward To (And Not)

Sunday I was going to wake up early and go for an early morning run before my bike ride with Jessica. I woke up and my legs were begging me not to run. Seriously, they spoke to me. I chilled out and drank some coffee and did my thang before she showed up. Then I got a phone call from her about five minutes after her scheduled show up time. I was expecting to hear, “Hey Mandi, I’m on my way… I’m just running a little later than I thought.” Instead I heard this, “Hey Mandi, I’m on my way. I was almost to your place when I looked back and I didn’t have my bike. Or my phone, so I couldn’t even call you to tell you I didn’t have my bike.” Apparently she asked her hubby to put her bike into her car while she was getting ready, but felt that sleep was more important at the time. All I could do was laugh. It is actually difficult to ride a bike with no bike. I’ve tried it. No dice. So…30 minutes later she shows up and we load up in my car and take off.

On the way over to Sullivan’s Island we were stopped by the swinging bridge to let a sailboat through – so a random guy snapped a picture for us. By the way, we know no strangers except for one another, for we are strange people.

Here’s some scenery from at the point of Sullivan’s Island.

Then we rode over to the other point of Sullivan’s Island and snapped a couple more pics.

The first bridge we ran over.

See, I really do have friends.

Monday was an unplanned rest day. Got to bed late Sunday evening so I got a little extra sleep Monday morning before work kicked my ass. Afterwards I just took Welker to the dog park where she ran her little doggy heart out. Sigh. My, how they grow! Dinner was an extravagant grilled cheese with a side of jalapeno chips and a glass of chocolate milk (is there really any other kind of milk?!).

Tuesday morning was a good early morning. I woke up at 4:30 [unintentionally] because my blinds were slamming back and forth on the window because of the wind. Tried to get a few extra minutes of sleep before my alarm actually went off. Ran a good 6.15 miles in 57:09 then did about 10 minutes of yoga. Now I’m kicking work’s ass.

Lindsay over at Salt, Sun, and Sanity has a post that includes the top 10 thing’s she’s looking forward to with warmer weather. I like that. So I’m copying her. Thanks, Lindsay!

Here are the top 10 things I’m looking forward to with warmer weather…
1. Warmer than winter-morning runs
2. Beach days
3. Pool days
4. Grilling out and having drinks on the patio
5. Longer days
6. Becoming a bronzed goddess (or trying)
7. Flip-flops and naked feet (show off cute pedicures!)
8. Motorcycle riding
9. Less clothing (bikini, shorts, tank tops, sundresses…)
10. Extra motivation to get in better shape!

AND with the good comes the bad…
1. Limited to morning runs (too hot in the afternoon for me!)
2. Crowded beaches
3. Crowded pools
4. Mosquitoes
5. Heat and humidity
6. Sunburn (this can be avoided)
7. Being stuck inside the office
8. Too hot to ride a motorcycle (in dead heat of summer)
9. Sweating a lot
10. More mosquitoes

What are you looking forward to (or not) during the warmer months?


3 thoughts on “What I’m Looking Forward To (And Not)

  1. Looking forward to more daylight, grilling, and flip flops! Dreading mosquitoes. I’m highly allergic and every bite swells badly, turns purple, then leaves a mark on me for months. And of course mosquitoes love me. Sigh.

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