Let’s Catch Up

Guess who would be fired if blogging was a job at this point? This girl. Well, probably not. The reason I haven’t logged anything lately is because of being busy with real work and life stuff. Chyeah, I actually have a semi-social life. I rounded out last weeks running with 17 miles and 3 miles on a stationary bike. This past Thursday Bruce and I went for a ride on the bikes (again, the kind with a motor) and it is now confirmed. I have circulation issues.

Ahh! I’m too young to feel this damn old.

Friday was a great girls night. Girls = my dog and I. I gave myself a facial. I soaked my feet. Then repainted my toes. All in glorious sweatpants. Looked a little like this:

Saturday was a good day. Woke up and wanted to go for a long run but realized I should cut it short since I was going for my 10k run on Sunday. It was cut even shorter when I started running and my legs felt like cement. I felt like I had to lug through the whole damn thing. Horrible. Run. We went for a little road trip for a PGR Meet & Greet in Columbia. GREAT turnout! That evening we got back into town and went to partake in food and drinks to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, potato bread

Assortment of girl scout cookies, Angel food cake, and an assortment of macaroons

Also this little thing made a guest appearance. The white dust ball, not Bruce. ๐Ÿ™‚

Bruce is such a manly man

Sunday morning was an easy morning. Woke up, drank my coffee and was preparing for my 10k. Drove to the marina to check in and waited for the ferry to take us over to this beautiful island that is preserved.

The marina where we had to gather

The ferry ride was about 20 minutes or so, but who cares when the sun is shining and the scenery is gorgeous. The official race starting line was placed in the sand by foot. High tech stuff. Here is the eye candy we had on the run.

Then my friend, Jessica’s, knee was giving her problems (she twisted it a couple weeks ago) so when we go to the turnaround point, we slowed down a bit.

That afternoon I took Welker for a drive because she hadn’t been anywhere lately.

Yesterday I was a passenger so I got to take in some nice sunset action on the drive around town.

This morning I just wanted to go back to bed though. I woke up and I dropped 83.46% of everything I touched. During the middle of my 7.3 mile run I had to use the bathroom. Hands down: worst feeling ever. I was getting my breakfast together to bring to work: cereal and milk. When I poured the milk into the container half of it sloshed out of the container and onto my counter. Waaa! I suppose it can only go up from here. Its a case of the Mondays.

Ever had a case of the Mondays on any other day?!

Happy hump day! Hope everyone has a fantastic day!

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