Okay, New Plan

I rounded out last week with a good 22.15 miles. I ran 6.2 miles last Thursday morning before work. Saturday I woke up, downed some coffee, put a piece of chocolate peanut butter honey toast in my belly, and planned on getting in a good 7.15 mile run. It was a nice and cool 55 degrees when I stepped outside with an abundance of sunshine. This was going to be a great run. It was more than great. It was fantabulous! I covered my 7 miles and I felt like I could keep going, so I did. I just kept running. Ended up stopping at 8.3 miles but I still could’ve kept going. I felt great. I wasn’t winded, tired, fatigued, or bored. The only reason I stopped was because I had other things to do besides run. What?! How does that happen?!

Sunday was an unplanned rest day. Didn’t wake up early enough. BUT I did eat a spaghetti lunch/dinner that my friend’s church was putting together. It was very tasty! Then I went to Bruce’s neighbor’s house where there was a game of ultimate frisbee going on; however, I did not partake in that. My excuse: my feet were cold and all I had were flip flops. Wahh!

Remember when I said that I wanted to start running to the gym? Oh wait, I didn’t tell you that, did I? Well, yesterday morning I woke up at o’dark thirty, got dressed and ran to the gym. Since I did wake up a wee bit later than planned, I took the shorter route to the gym (1.5 miles) so I could get a good sesh in. I rode the bike for 3 miles then did some weights for my back and chest. Then I ran home, but I left the gym a bit earlier and ran a 3.15 mile route home. Total for yesterday’s run: 4.65 miles. It felt so wonderful! I had full intention of doing that again this morning. My bed had other plans. It didn’t happen. Booo!

Last night for dinner I cut up some chicken breast and cooked it in a pan with olive oil, minced garlic, and lemon-pepper seasoning and served it with a side of Near East Rosemary & Olive Oil quinoa and brown rice mix. Well…actually I served the chicken on top of the quinoa/rice mix.

Aside from the traffic, I kind of like my commute to work…

I get to see this. Everyday.

I think we are all guilty, at some point or another, of taking little things for granted. Whether its a person, what we have, the little things in life, the physical abilities we have, or whatever.

What is something you see/do almost everyday that you may take for granted?



4 thoughts on “Okay, New Plan

  1. Yay, I’m glad you liked your run to/from the gym! It’s something I’d like to try to do more regularly… or at least once in a while. Impressed you were able to squeeze that in before work. I’ve been having a rough time just getting up in time lately (or, like today, not so much on time), so I haven’t fit in any morning runs for a while. Boo.

    • Thanks! I was really good about being a morning-workouter… Then I got lazy, so I feel your pain (or sleepiness). Plus you’ve got the whole “hass” thing you’re dealing with.. Maybe the motivation to get up early will hit as it keeps warming up your way.

    • Yes, they don’t come often enough, for sure! I don’t know why some are great and some are so difficult; I wish I knew because then I would know how to fix it.. 🙂

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