Running and Weights?

So remember in my last post I ended saying that I was going to run maybe 3 miles and do some cross training. Well I ended up doing 5 miles and lifted some weights. Hey the weight lifting counts as cross training, right? I went home feeling if I had swag. That just makes me laugh. I have no swag. I have awkwardness.

Stopped by the store and bought some sushi (eel-roll) for dinner along with some vegetable gyoza. Dee-lish. For dessert I made a cup of hot cocoa and topped it with whipped cream.

Better’n Starbucks

I woke up early today (yay!) for a change. At five a.m. I was out of bed, cursing at and turning off my alarm clock (helps me to actually GET out of bed if the alarm clock is on the other side of the room). By 5:20 I was at the gym gearing up for a 2.5 mile run before hitting some more weights. I was pretty amped when I left the gym…then when I got home I was ready to take a shower and snuggle into the couch with my fresh cuppa joe. It is entirely too cold today. Especially for Charleston. It was a mere 36* when I woke up. What?! Not acceptable. Whatever.

Now I’m at work wondering what to do afterwards. I’m a VERY productive working member of society, isn’t it obvious? I don’t know if I’m just going to chill out or maybe do some yoga. Why does yoga always make me think yogurt which makes me think of froyo? I guess we’ll see when the hour hits.

I was wondering (I hope not aloud) how many other runners work in other types of activities, such as yoga or weights or pilates? I don’t lift weights to be one of these women or these women.. (Hey, nothing against them, just not my style but I do admire their dedication and discipline). I lift weights to be leaner and stronger. I also lift weights to be a better runner. Obviously, I’m no doctor but I’ve noticed a great improvement since my core and upper body are stronger, as is my lower body. I’ll admit, though, I’m not as good as working my lower body because I always make the excuse that “running does it.” I still like to feel the burn in my hass (hips + ass, thanks Lazy Marathoner for the term, hope you don’t mind I borrowed it!).

Do you like to add other things into your routine, such as yoga or weights?

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