Buyer’s Remorse Hangover

Saturday was a wonderful day! Woke up early. Drank some really really good cups of coffee. Got a few house chores done. Headed out to meet my friend Jessica for a run. We planned and mapped out an 8 mile run in her neck of the woods. What I love most about running in a large community – not having to do laps. This was the longest run that I’d ever done with anybody. It was a lot of fun because we kept a slow pace – slow enough that we could chat – and it didn’t seem like we were actually running for that long. We ran it in 1:19:53. Right at a 10:00 m/m pace. That’s what we were aiming for. We walked for about half a mile, did some stretching and then headed our separate directions. I went home, took my dog for a walk, hopped in the shower and met Bruce for lunch. Then I met up with some girls and went shopping. A LOT of walking around. I found some really great things that I loved! For instance


Along with some dark wash jean skinnies and a bright purple top from Charlotte Russe. You know what I did yesterday? I returned all of those items. I woke up yesterday morning looking in my closet for something to wear for work and saw all these new clothes and then I felt awful. Like I had a hangover from shopping. I had the tired feeling and bags under my eyes and everything! I held my breath and held back my tears while I returned all of those items and now feel better about my bank account. Phew!

Today is the first scheduled run to train for my next half marathon: Run Like A Diva Half Marathon. My friend Jessica is running this also.. We are so excited! The first couple of weeks I’m not going to follow the plan to the T…only because I do feel extremely slack when I only run 2.5 miles. There is nothing wrong with that, but because I know I can do more I feel like I have to do at least 3.5 – 4.0 for a “short” run. On those days when I do have a short runshed-ull’dI will incorporate pumping some iron in there.

Do you also get buyers remorse hangover? Do you try to tell yourself you can keep it or do you return the items anyway?


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