Baby, It’s Cold Outside

My work days usually begin with me rolling out of bed, pushing my hair out of my face, trying not to look in the mirror, and throwing on some clothes so I don’t scare the world when I take my dog for a walk. I’m a morning person in the sense that I don’t come into work grumbling, but that’s as far as it goes. I used to be peppy, but it took too much energy so early in the morning. I really am displeased when I have to take my dog for a walk and it is below 40 degrees. Kind of like yesterday morning. It was 28 degress when I woke up.

These are the shoes I had to deal with right after rolling out of bed.

Snow boots? Really? My feet were freezing when I wore my regular shoes the night before. These keep my toes comfy cozy. You think I’m grizzly on a normal morning? Deal with me when I have cold feet. Very unhappy girl, I will be. I bundled up as if I was going skiing again. The boots. The jacket. The hat. The gloves. All but the long underwear, and the only reason I didn’t put that on was because it was too much of an added hassle.

The best thing that came out of yesterday was that these were sitting at my door when I got home!

The shoes, not the flowers.

My Mizuno Elixir 7s. About the only trying out I did with them yesterday was the see how stylish they made my feet look.

My own personal runway. My living room.

I often have fashion shows, actually. My dog is usually the only one in the audience and even then she’s sleeping or eating her rawhide. Story of my life.

Got the chance to try these bad boys out this morning at the gym. Four miles on the treadmill. Treadmill?! It’s cold outside, remember? Remember when I said that I was going to stick with Mizunos because I know they’re good? Then I went and got a pair of Brooks? Well, I will never veer from Mizunos again. I do like my Brooks. They do the trick, but these mother suckers are the shiz. No break in period. I planned only doing only about 2.5 – 3 miles, but they felt so good. Like a warm gooey brownie on a cold day. Oh, wait. 😉 I pushed out 4 miles, no problem. No foot, knee, shin, calf or hip issues. They are extremely light, a mere 7.7 oz. Will definitely be picking up another pair when mine are worn out.

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