Weekend Recap

This weekend was a good weekend. Friday I worked out, as I talked about in my previous post (the 9:07 mile times!). Then Bruce and I went to watch a movie – Red Tails. I don’t recommend going to see it. The acting was fairly cheesy and some of the scenes were hardly believable. Saturday morning, I met my friend Jessica for a run in her neck of the woods. We did about 4.8 miles in 51:25. Slower, but a run is a run, nonetheless. It was a good “easy” run compared to my Friday run. I really need to work more on my strength training and yoga – but it’s hard to get to the gym after running outside. Went back to Bruce’s, took a shower then hopped on the bike (motorcycle) to meet him downtown for lunch. We went to our favorite Thai restaurant and I had fresh basil rolls and chicken satay with peanut sauce. Yum! On a side note: I should really take more pics of my food because you’d be salivating on your keyboard right now if you saw them. Then we went back to his place, got into the car and did some shopping. I love shopping with him – he’s so entertaining… I can dress him up but I can’t take him out. 😉 During our outing we stopped at Barnes and Noble and went straight to the cookbook section. Don’t laugh at what I’m about to tell you, or just don’t tell me you’re laughing. I’ve never bought a cookbook. I know, pathetic. In any case, I bought two cookbooks; both of which are Cooking Light. I hope this will up my culinary experiments. We went back to my place to eat dinner before we went to pick up his niece at the airport. We had a delicious grilled cheese with jalapeno chips and dark chocolate almond milk. It was quick and easy, but no, I didn’t have to use to cookbook to make that one.

I did not workout on Sunday, although I planned on it, because my legs were a little sore. Bruce, his niece and I went to the grocery store to get the things to make dinner for the next few nights. We got back and I made Sunday brunch using a new recipe from a book he bought at Barnes and Noble. They’re applesauce oatmeal pancakes. I added another 1/4 C of wheat flour as the batter was very runny. I topped mine with peanut butter and syrup and Bruce topped his with raspberry preserves. We both loved them! They would be great to make and heat up during those grab-and-run work mornings. They were very tasty and the consistency was wonderful – thick without being heavy!

Applesauce Oatmeal Pancakes
1 C quick oats
1/4 C all purpose flour
1/2 C whole wheat flour
1 T baking powder
1 C fat-free milk
2 T unsweetened applesauce
4 egg whites
Mix all ingredients together. Put 1/4 C mix on hot griddle to cook. Cook as if a “normal” pancake. Top however you want!

Sunday afternoon was spent watching the best football team get a sloppy win (go Pats!). A win is a win, no matter how ugly. Sunday evening I went home and cleaned those drawers that just kind of get stuff thrown into them. Everyone has at least one of those – “oh, I’ll look at this later.” Well, last night was my later. I cleaned so much stuff. (Hang on, this has a point, I promise.) I was going through a stack of papers and I saw a flyer that I recall receiving at my half marathon in Savannah. I knew I kept it for a reason so I looked at it a little closer – a half marathon in May that’s only two hours from home. My heart immediately smiled. I’m going for it. It was about 10:40 at night and that flyer was on my refrigerator. I got into work this morning and I didn’t even open my email first thing. (Sh! Don’t tell my boss!) I looked up the info for this half marathon…figured out when I’d have to start training…updated my training plan…looked for hotels in the same town… Oh, yeah, e-mail! So, I’m a few hours away from registering for this half marathon. I’m so excited! My first day of training will be Feb 26. Well, actually, Feb 27 because Sunday will be rest days. I’m not racing for time, I’m doing it to do it again. So between now and Feb 27 I need to focus on strength training and yoga, as I’ve noticed cross training has greatly helped me with stamina and time.

Here’s my anticipated workout schedule for the week:
Sunday: Rest
Monday: 4.5 mi / triceps and chest
Tuesday: ~3.5 miles with a friend / legs at home
Wednesday: Yoga
Thursday: 4.0 mi / biceps, back and shoulders
Friday: 3.5 mi / core
Saturday: 6 mi run with Jessica


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