Ugh. I hate when that happens.

I love working out. Okay, who am I kidding. I love the feeling I have after working out. Something magical does happen when I’m working out. I feel a rush of energy and I feel like I’m doing something so incredibly good for my body. That being said, I would love if I lived in a perfect world and I could work out everyday without ever being fatigued or sore. But we all know that weird parallel universe does not exist. Or does it? In any case, I haven’t found it so I don’t work out everyday. My goal, then, is to work out at least five times a week. Workout week plan:
Sunday – workout
Monday – workout
Tuesday – rest
Wednesday – workout
Thursday – workout
Friday – rest
Saturday – workout
And you know what happens when I’m on track? Anything to keep me from staying on track. Case in point: this week.

I worked out Sunday. I was a good girl. Did my part to “go green” and rode my bicycle to the gym. Then 3/4 of the way there realized I didn’t have my card to get in, turned around, went home, then got it and turn around and we back to the gym. Phew! Felt like I already did my workout. Sunday workout, check. Monday, I didn’t plan to go to the gym because one of my nearest and dearest friends was having a birthday dinner get together and would switch Monday and Tuesday workout days. Monday planned rest, check. Tuesday. Oh Tuesday. My dog had her first vet appointment. It was at 4:30. To make a long story [that has nothing to do with any of this] short, it went well but we didn’t leave until 6:00. Then I had some unexpected errands to do. By time I was done with that it was 7:30 and I was starving. Guess what’s not a good idea – going to the gym on a full stomach. So I didn’t. Tuesday workout, NOT check. Wednesday came along and I had every intention to wake up early and get to the gym to maybe do a short workout to makeup for not working out on Tuesday then I would go and do a bit of a longer one after work. Well, the waking up early part didn’t really happen. But I did get the gym on Wednesday after work and I felt wonderful. and I was thinking, “Yess! Back on track.” Wednesday workout, check. Thursday. Man, this threw me for a loop. I was supposed to meet with a friend and go for a run after work. I had every intention to meet with her. [Side story – my boyfriend has two kids. Both are involved in something. End of side story.] One had a basketball game 30 minutes out of town and the other had karate practice 15 minutes on the other side of town (from where I live). Because they’re both so excited about the things they’re doing, they shouldn’t miss out. My boyfriend is only one person, he cannot be in multiple places at once, as much as I wish he could be sometimes. πŸ™‚ So I offered to take the one to karate practice so that he could go to the other side of town for the other’s basketball game. To save your eyes from reading anymore of this excuse, he didn’t get to my place to get his other child until about 8:00. Too close to bedtime. Thursday workout, NOT check. Today is Friday. Every fiber in my body wants to workout, even though its a planned rest day, I need to make up for not working out Thursday. My boyfriend, I found out this morning, planned for us to go to a movie with his neighbors. I shouldn’t say that – he did ask if I wanted to go. I said yes. His neighbors are really good people. The movie is at 7:25. I’m going to workout today. Anything else I have to do (fold laundry, vacuum, etc) can wait. Friday workout, anticipated check. Saturday I usually try to meet my friend who lives about 30 minutes for a long run. We alternate who goes to the other side of town. This Saturday, there is also a motorcycle ride to raise money for the children’s hospital, something near and dear to my heart (the motorcycles, riding and children’s hospital part). I hope I can meet her early enough that I can still get to the ride. If not, I will just have to run with her that afternoon or just skip meeting her for a run and just go by myself Saturday morning. Either way, Saturday workout, anticipated check.

I know some of these sound like excuses but in my head they are sound reasons. I hate when I miss scheduled workout. I feel lazy and it bums me out. I always have to keep in mind that this is a lifestyle. One week of screwed up workout routines is not going to mess me up. As long as I can still get my butt in the gym on the other days, I will be fine.

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