I hate to stereotype. I do. I know we’re all guilty of immediate stereotyping at some point. But I am going to assume if you’re reading my blog then you the title of this does not sound familiar. It does not at all sound like a player for the New England Patriots. And that’s okay. But for future reference, he is. His name is Wes Welker. I added those last two sentences in there because they are relevant. I got a dog about three months ago. She was just two months shy of turning three. Her name at the local shelter: Phyllis. I know. What kind of name is that for a dog? It’s not. That’s why I renamed her. Because I am a fan of the Patriots (yes, for you non-sports people, that is a team in the NFL), I decided to name her Welker. “But Welker is a guy name,” you say? No. Welker is a last name. Wes is a guy name. I wasn’t going to name her Brady. Or Woodhead. Or Wilfork. Or Ochocinco. It was actually more of my boyfriend’s idea to name her Welker. I was thinking more along the lines of Zoe. He said, “name her Welker.” I said, “okay.” Sometimes I’m easily persuaded. I haven’t had my own dog for many, many years. Eight, actually. I’ve lived with people who had dogs, but I didn’t like them. The people or the dogs, and sadly I still liked the dogs more. At the time I was thinking about getting her I had only been living on my own (read: higher monthly rent and no split utilities) for about two months. I had been trying to hit our local shelter at least once a week to help volunteer with the dogs. She’d been there everytime I went in within an eight week period. I didn’t know what her story was – I just knew she barked a lot when she was in a kennel and loved being outside. I can’t blame her, I’m the same way. I flirted with the idea of adopting a furry kid, but I wasn’t sure. It’s a lot of responsibility. It wasn’t until I was on my 12 mile run while training for a half marathon when at least during four miles my mind was consumed with contemplating life with a dog. What exactly would my responsibilities be?
– Food
– Water
– Shelter
Okay, got all the basics. Check.
– Potty walks
– Vet appointments
– No more going out of town on a whim for a weekend
Oof. Maybe I can’t do this. I don’t have a doggie door, much less a yard! Let’s not even talk about the downers of the other two things. But I’d save her life. I found out she’d been in the shelter for almost a year. A year. Could you imagine being pinned up in a kennel for a year and not having anyone take you home? That’s like being the last kid picked for a team – 20 minutes after the game started! Then I convinced myself, “I can do this. I can take on a dog.” I thought about how she’d be my buddy and after a while, my running buddy. After all, dogs are the only species who love their owners more than they love themselves. That’s intense.

Yes, I actually thought about all that while running. After running I called my boyfriend. “Honey, what would you think if……I got a dog?” His response: “I knew this was going to happen.” Three days later I brought her home. The best part? I can still go out of town for the weekend on a whim – my boyfriend’s house has a doggie door and a fenced in backyard.

*Please note, I will not leave her for more than two days without having someone check on her.

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